Started on January 1, 1970

The “Soccer Talent Academie” provides football technique training and coordination training in the sports complex “Voetbalshop Arena”. These training sessions are a perfect addition to the regular training sessions at the club.

At “Soccer Talent Academie” the training mainly focuses on the “Coerver Basics” and feints will also be taught. Over time you will become the boss of the ball, you will have mastered the techniques and you will be able to combine more and more actions and movements.

The “Soccer Talent Academie” is the largest provider of technique and coordination training for both boys and girls. Where the “Coerver Method” mainly focuses on improving football technique, we add position play and video analysis to it. The following aspects are mainly trained: learning total ball control, 1 against 1 situations, changes of direction in function of positions, passing and dominating your opponent(s).

The fact that our “Soccer Talent Academie” is highly appreciated is evident from the ever-growing number of top players who train with us.

Cost price?

Due to the continuing rising prices of electricity, we are also forced to adjust our prices from 2023.

Turn card:

Single turns are €20

We want to avoid these as much as possible, so that we can work optimally.

05 turns at €100.           10 turns at €180.

20 turns at €340.          25 turns at €420

Training duration approx. 60 min

Payment can be made on site in cash or by debit card, preferably by bank transfer AFTER online registration.

Registration is Mandatory!


Membership in a football club is required before registering

Wearing the standard “Voetbalshop Arena” outfit is mandatory, 

This outfit can be purchased during opening hours in the adjacent store Voetbalshop for a competitive price  (Shirt, shorts, Sock),

All this from the Puma brand. This cooperation will be for the next 3 years.

During the winter months we ask everyone to wear a shirt with long sleeves under the “Voetbalshop Arena” shirt. This may be thermal.

Trainings Days

Technique training
*Monday  18h U6 Till  U14
*Thursday 18h U6 Till  U14
*Friday     18h U6 Till  U14
*Sunday   10h U11 Till U14
*Sunday   11h Elite A/ B / Or Chosen Players by the academie u11 Till U14

For more questions, please contact