Started on January 1, 1970


The PL8s offer a quick and efficient screening of the technical and cognitive skills of a footballer. The link between the cognitive and the technical football skills is an important aspect in completing a player’s profiling. We call it the Cognitive Functional Technique (CFT). Thanks to worldwide anonymous reference points, our partners can compare their player with others. With regular screening moments, the evolution of players over time will become visible according to their results. Déviations in a player’s play can be brought to light thanks to testings. Measuring cognitive functional technique provides an extra check during decision-making processes. It helps to get a more complete player profile and objectively make the best decision according to the vision of the club.


The PL8s stimulate technical and cognitive skills in a motivational, intense and interactive way. It ensures variation in training sessions while still providing match-oriented exercises. All the results of a player are recorded by the PL8s and immediately sent to the app, there is an instant evaluation of the player. Players can immediately compare their results with their teammates. This creates a healthy internal competition in which athletes definitely want to do better than their closest competitor, namely themselves.


Our technical and cognitive stimulating rebound boards help players to compare themselves with their previous results. During rehabilitation, it is easy to refer to their previous performance levels to determine whether or not the player has the same technical and cognitive level as before his injury. The PL8’s provide a safe environment where players can work on their technical and reactive football skills without coming into contact with other players. This reduces the chance of injury or injury recurrence. This in combination with objective comparisons of the past, proves that the PL8s are a handy tool during the rehabilitation process.

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